2023 Holiday Gift Ideas for the Whole Family!

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Christmas and Hanukah are right around the corner. Although I know some people who have all of their shopping done, I am not one of those people. If you found this, you are not one of those people either! There are lots of Black Friday deals coming up on Amazon specifically from November 24-27, I will post affiliate links here! There will of course be more sales throughout the season and even post-holiday sales, so keep checking back! I will have all of these affiliate links on my Pinterest page as well if you like perusing the pins!

For my toddler, I am lucky enough to have a 10 year age gap between her and her sister and lots of toys in the attic… She will be getting hand me downs and will be so happy. I have gotten a very detailed list from my tween daughter and boy does she know the trends! My son has given me some teen ideas that are just right (other than cash of course) for the teen crowd. Shopping for the husbands, dads and brothers can get pretty tricky but I have some creative gift ideas! The moms are easy to please, if you are paying attention! Since the health truly is wealth, I will start with a section for wellness gift ideas as well. Happy Shopping!

Wellness for anyone:

Gift someone you love a Thrive Market Subscription! They have the best healthy brands and their own products are fantastic. They have the best organic ketchup, organic popcorn and organic potato chips with non-inflammatory oils! Among thousands of other great products. This link will get you 30% off the first order and a free gift! You might want to gift this one to yourself
Get 30% OFF your first order and a FREE gift when you join Thrive Market!

This punching bag is amazing. I got this one during Covid for my husband. I ended up using it more than he did because my yoga studio was holding Zoom kickboxing classes. Everyone in the family loves this and it gets more use than most of the other fitness equipment.

Peloton may be old news, but it stands the test of time. For a family that doesn’t like going to a physical gym this has been amazing. The monthly rate is very low and the whole family has profiles so everyone can tailor their workouts and we all love it. I am almost 7 months pregnant right now, so I am doing all the prenatal classes (they are great). My son is doing a strength training program as part of his homeschool physical ed curriculum and loves it. One of the best purchases we have ever made. As of writing this Amazon is having a Black Friday Deal!! Grab it!

I bought these for my husband when we were dating, 17 years ago! They have been well used and show no signs of their age. Right now on Amazon they are 19% off for Black Friday and there is a $49 coupon you can clip. These are a much better price than I got them for 17 years ago! Another amazing home gym addition that the whole family has gotten lots of use out of.

Having a weight bench is not necessary, but a great addition to a home gym and definitely sets you up for success when it comes to proper form. This one has great reviews and is on Black Friday Sale!

I got this for my son last year and he loves it! We all use it and it is a phenomenal tool for upper body strength building. It is fun for the kids and they don’t even realize they are getting in a workout!

We don’t have a treadmill yet, but when we do, this is the one we will get. You can do the Peloton workouts on it if that is the program you already pay for and it has great reviews. It is an absolute bargain right now, but compared to Peloton it is even when not on sale!

We absolutely love our elliptical. This is not the brand that we have, but this has great reviews, is quiet, compact and 43% off for Black Friday Deals!

Clean air is a gift that anyone would be happy to receive! We have had the Blue air filters for years and love them!

Clean water is essential to good health and if you have been following along, reverse osmosis is the way to go. Check it out!

For the tweens:

My go-to each year is to make sure we have all the classic board games, great for family fun night! The compact ones are great for stocking stuffers!

This one is 55% off!

This one is 38% off!

For the girls… It cosmetics founder is an absolute power house incredible woman and her products are top notch!

Eyeroll, but this is what the kids want!

These are the trendy new pajamas that the girls are asking for!

This new trendy brand of skin care is on top of my daughter’s list

For the teens:

Along with cash and the newest iPhone, my son says the PS 5 is the best gaming console out right now! We use ours for the whole family. We have all of our apps, Prime Video, YouTube, Hulu… You can also just pop in a DVD if you are a dinosaur like me 🙂

These are incredibly popular, great brand and 40% off for Black Friday!

The Apple watch is trending and 28% off. It’s more of a girl thing, but they love it.

As a mom, I don’t get it, but the kids love the Nintendo Switch. They recently had the extra controllers at Costco for a crazy low price.

I know they want this stuff, but I also have always had great luck making my son happy with the home gym gear (links above in the wellness section) and other active options like gift cards to ATVing, the gun range or archery with Dad.

For the men:

My parents had these anti-gravity chairs and passed them to us when they moved. They are fantastic. Buying this set ensures you also have a place to sit, but you can also save some money and just get 2 single chairs which are less expensive if you don’t need the table!

If your guy is into camping this has great reviews and a great price. I bought one for my husband a few years ago and the guys love it!

Flip the switch and get HIM a vacuum! I wouldn’t get him a stand up, but who wouldn’t love a Roomba. Cleaner house, more free time for everyone for the more joyful things! Right now Amazon is having amazing Black Friday Deals!

Umm this is just awesome, I may or may not have just ordered this. Shhhhh.

Great price for Black Friday and a fantastic non-toxic option for teeth whitening! My husband loved these!

A great gift for anyone, but men tend to like the simplicity of these recipes. I bought this when I returned from Sardinia. I have gifted this to my brother who also enjoys it.

For the women:

I use my immersion blender at least once a day. I use it to incorporate my Thrive Market MCT Oil into my coffee every day. I use it for scrambling eggs when that is on the menu, I use it to make our protein shakes and so much more. This Black Friday Deal on Amazon… Great ratings, GREAT price!

This is a BIG gift, but if she enjoys coffee she will LOVE this! I read that considering the cost of the machine, accessories and the coffee purchased to use, someone who goes to Starbucks daily for lattes can still save over $1,000 over the first year and almost $2,000 the years after by making this investment. It’s not just the $ savings… Starbucks is not exactly using the cleanest ingredients and drinking out of their “paper” cups or your plastic reusable cup is toxic to the body. This investment is definitely worth it!

Amazing price on Amazon right now and who doesn’t love a tool that makes meal prep easier!

This code is for $200 off the 6qt. KitchenAid mixer. A baker’s dream!
$200 Off Professional 600™ Series 6 Quart Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer

$40 off a Burr Coffee Grinder for the coffee lover in your life!
$40 Off Burr Coffee Grinder

For the chef or aspiring chef in your life, Zwilling has new products and up to 75% off through the end of 2023! Check it out!
New Items Added! Save up to 75% at ZWILLING’s Black Friday Sale

I will add more to this list as I find more great deals and think of things that people really love. If you are going to be buying gifts they better make the receiver happy!

Happy Shopping!

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About Julie Parkis

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