Chicken Salad with Kale, Pomegranate and Pistachios

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When you are in the mood for a chicken salad why not up the nutrition ante…
Tuscan kale is packed with vitamins c, b6 and k along with antioxidants and minerals.
Pomegranate seeds boast fiber, vitamin c, k and antioxidants. They are anti-inflammatory and so much more.
Pistachios have healthy fat, fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals.
All of this plus they make beautiful music when combined. That’s what I call a win-win!
As always, to the best of your ability buy organic, local food. It makes all the difference to you and your family’s health.

This was a fridge emptier that turned out so great I had to write out the recipe. This salad is light yet filling and fully satisfying. It is the perfect combination of salty, sweet and crunchy. The mango-ginger chutney adds a certain something that takes it over the top delicious.

I had a whole organic chicken from Butcher Box that I used to make some beautiful broth for a soup recipe coming out soon. I saved the meat for this because my husband requested chicken salad. This was not what he was expecting when he asked, but during dinner he told the kids just how lucky they are to have a chef for a mom that can turn these ingredients into something so incredibly delicious. Everyone loved it. It can be eaten as is or on your favorite bread as a sandwich. If you don’t happen to have a cooked chicken and don’t feel like making one, pick up an organic rotisserie chicken.

Cutting board
Mixing Bowl

1 3lb(ish) chicken, cooked and chopped (about 3c)
6oz Tuscan kale sliced thin
1T extra virgin olive oil
4 stalks celery, remove tough strands and dice
1/2c pistachios
1/2 pomegranate seeds

1/4c mayo
2T dijon
1/4c mango ginger chutney (I used Trader Joe’s, so good!)
Salt to taste

1. In large mixing bowl place the chopped chicken. Massage the sliced kale with the evoo then add to the chicken along with the celery, pistachios and pomegranate seeds.
2. For the dressing mix all of the components and taste/adjust as you like.*
3. Mix all together and season with salt as desired. You may want to add more chutney to taste as well! Serves 4-6.

When it comes to amounts, I used what was remaining in my fridge. It turned out perfectly, but as always, adjust to your family’s taste as desired.

*If you don’t like mayo I would omit it and add a little extra olive oil, some fresh lemon juice and the mango chutney straight to the salad. It will be lighter and just as delicious without the creaminess from the mayo.

I hope you try this recipe, it is so delicious. Let me know how you like it!

About Julie Parkis

About Julie Parkis

Mom, MBA, Yogi, CIA grad and food enthusiast looking to share knowledge of food/cooking and general wellness information.

I am happiest in the kitchen with people who love food as much as I do!



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