As a full time stay at home parent again thanks to Covid I have had to be creative with my work. I decided to join the knowledge industry and I’ve posted my first course on! I am writing about it here because it might be a good fit for some of my friends who are also now working from home. And if any of you know anyone who is in college, thinking about it or about to start, I would love it if you could send them this link so they can take a look! I am confident that this course will greatly help students of all ages excel in higher education and beyond.

In the future I plan to create courses about food and the hospitality industry, but this first course is called “How to Succeed in Higher Education” and I am so happy with how it turned out. I love learning and going to school, so much so that if I won the lottery I would spend the next couple of decades going to schools all over the world to learn as much as possible. Then I would start my own school called “Julie’s Traveling School for Finding Your Way” and I would bring students all over the world to see and try things until they figure out their calling. I wasn’t always like this. When I was in high school, there was no place I wouldn’t rather be than in class which is why I started working a full time job as a senior in high school.

Through my college career, starting with Westchester Community College to figure out what I wanted to do with my life I have become a total philomath. After falling in love with learning at WCC I went on to receive my Bachelor’s degree at St. Thomas Aquinas College in Management Relations with Industrial and Organizational Psychology as well as an MBA with a concentration in Finance.

The whole time that I was going through school I was working full time and even maintaining a little bit of a social life. I ended up getting married and having my first child during the course of my MBA. I was working up until the day before my son was due and in class on my due date because he didn’t come yet and I didn’t want to miss class if I didn’t have to! The most valuable knowledge that I gained throughout those years was time management and grit. I also learned that my limits are way further than I thought possible.

In my 30s I was lucky enough to go back to school to follow my passion for food and the hospitality industry at The Culinary Institute of America. My youngest child had just started kindergarten and it was a total gift from God (and with the support of my husband) that I was able to complete the most intense and challenging culinary program in the country at this time in my life. I not only completed the BPS degree in Culinary Arts, I was given the award for highest GPA in the class! I would have been happy about that no matter what, but to achieve the top of the class while maintaining my home and kids’ schedules felt like an incredible feat. It was definitely more challenging than the first time around! What I learned along the way, I realized could be a great gift to share with others.

This course that I created will help college and grad school students be as successful as possible without making some of the mistakes that many make along the way. In the course I share tips to minimize school debt and I break down what it takes to excel in school while still having other things going on in your life. In seven quick sessions I give lots of tips to prepare, get things done, focus and excel. This is a great mindset shift for students who want to be at the top of the class. It is also great for those who don’t care about the grade per se, but still want to retain as much information as possible and have school as an important part, but not the center of their life.

Please share this with anyone you think this course may help or buy it as a gift for the student in your life!

Thanks for reading and a special thanks for sharing!

Here is the link again!

About Julie Parkis

About Julie Parkis

Mom, MBA, Yogi, CIA grad and food enthusiast looking to share knowledge of food/cooking and general wellness information.

I am happiest in the kitchen with people who love food as much as I do!


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