This light, smooth, cheesy sauce is so delicious my family begs for it all the time. We love it the most as the base sauce for homemade pizza with spinach or broccoli rabe and sausage. It is also great with pasta and broccoli. My husband likes to use it as a dip for sourdough toast or as a base for garlic bread! Let me know if you try it and use it for something else! 

Cauliflower florets- 4c
Milk of your choice- 1c
Butter- 3T
Garlic- 2 cloves, smashed
Parmiggiano reggiano- 1cup grated
Nutmeg-dash-freshly grated
Salt and pepper- to taste

1. In boiling salted water cook your cauliflower until a little more than tender, about 10 minutes. You want a fork to easily pierce it.
2. In a large sauté pan over low heat place the butter and garlic cloves, turn off heat when butter melts and set aside.
3. In a Vitamix combine cooked cauliflower with milk and blend until smooth. Alternatively you can use a hand blender in a sauce pot if that is what you have.
4. Add the cauliflower mixture into the butter/garlic and whisk until incorporated over low heat.
5. Off the heat remove garlic cloves and mix in the parmigiano-reggiano, a dash of freshly grated nutmeg and salt and pepper to taste. It may not need salt if you salted your water well, so be sure to taste before you season (I mean, always do that, but…!)