When I was in grammar school in the 90s at St. Augustine School, the PTA made a family recipe book that I recently picked up to check out again. My dad had submitted this recipe which is very pantry staple heavy as is to be expected as he was inspired by a frequent dish that his mother made in the 40s-50s in the Bronx with 7 kids and a firefighter husband. My dad would make variations of this for us, usually with a pound of pasta thrown in, regularly.

This recipe in particular is great because the only ingredient that is not from pantry staples is the swiss chard which is a vegetable that tends to be left on the shelves, even in times like these because so many people don’t appreciate how wonderful it is. If you can’t find swiss chard you can substitute with any dark leafy greens like beet greens, escarole, even broccoli rabe. To make this vegan simply leave out the chicken broth.

I love looking back at writings from my father, his writing here is much more clear and concise than his oral communications ever were because he would add every detail and go off on tangents in every sentence. When I was little I called him daddy long lecture and he thought it was hilarious, he never stopped talking. The most wonderful thing about him was that he hated small talk, he never made people feel bad about it if that was where they met him, but he always steered the conversation to something more deep and interesting than you could imagine at the start.

Let me know if you make this and how you liked it. Happy cooking!