Yield: 2 portions

Toasted Hazelnuts 1/4 cup (if tree nuts are a problem you can use toasted pumpkin seeds or roasted peanuts.)
Mexican Chocolate, coarse chop 1.25oz
Sugar 2T
Cocoa (Natural) 1.3T
Cornstarch .75T
Salt Pinch
Almond Milk 1/3 cup (whole milk if avoiding tree nuts)
Coconut Cream 1/3 cup
Dark Chocolate, chopped 1/2oz
Vanilla Extract 1t
Coconut Cream 3T (you can skip this step or use your favorite canned whipped cream)
Maple Syrup 1/2T (^)
Mixed Berries Handful (optional garnish)
Mint, chiffonade 1T (optional garnish)

Food processor 
Small sauce pot
Mixing bowl
Ice bowl
Skewers 2


  1. In food processor combine hazelnuts, mexican chocolate and sugar and pulse, then run until paste forms. Add in cocoa, cornstarch and salt and pulse to combine.
  2. Heat almond milk and 1/3c coconut cream and slowly add into running food processor until combined. 
  3. Place chinois over sauce pan and pour mixture through. Set over medium heat, stir in chopped chocolate and vanilla. Set bowl over ice and stir until cooled. 
  4. Make whipped “cream” by whisking the coconut cream and maple syrup if you are keeping recipe vegan. Skewer berries if using.

This recipe I got from my copy of More Mexican Everyday by Rick Bayless. The adjustments that I made were to use coconut cream in place of Mexican Crema to make the dish suitable for my vegan friends. This recipe made me incredibly thankful that by kids outgrew their tree nut allergies, but if that is an issue for you Rick also suggests using toasted pumpkin seeds or roasted peanuts in place of the hazelnuts. If you haven’t checked out Rick Bayless’s cookbooks you should definitely give them a try he gives lots of ideas for substituting ingredients and his flavors are bright and punchy!

Bayless, Rick. More Mexican Everyday. New York:W.W. Norton Special Sales, 2015. Print.

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About Julie Parkis

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I am happiest in the kitchen with people who love food as much as I do!


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